Thursday, June 22, 2006

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

Use this famous motto from the television cartoon at your Scooby Doo theme party. Someone was always asking the questions, so you can too! Make your first game a find the Scooby stuffed animal. Whoever finds him gets a prize!

To get guests to your Scooby party, send out Scooby or bone shaped invitations from the party store. They will also carry treat bags, wall decorations and party favors to give away for the games. Balloons, crepe paper, plates and cups are also made to match any Scooby motif you choose to follow.

All great Scooby Doo parties, whether they are birthday or not, need a Scooby shaped cake. Party supply stores have specialty cake pans in the shape of your favorite character. Matching candles, frosting and sprinkles can be found to adorn the cake or cupcakes for your party. Other foods to serve and follow your theme can be bone shaped sandwiches, “puppy chow,” or any food with a dog name.

Other games to play can be pin the Scooby snack in Scooby’s mouth. A Scooby piñata filled with all of your favorite candy is a fun way to celebrate too. If the guests attending are old enough and can read, create a “Scooby style” mystery and let them solve it. Using saran wrap and construction paper, have them make a magnifying glass to find clues to solve their mystery. Winner gets a whole box of Scooby snacks!

For quiet entertainment, watch a Scooby movie or television show. Find a giant stuffed or inflatable Scooby Doo character and take every guests picture with it. Send a copy with the thank you note or print it from the computer that day. Each guests will have a way to remember the great Scooby theme party they attended at your house. Save time to open the presents and eat cake too.

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