Friday, June 30, 2006

The Middle of Your Life

Reaching Middle Age and actually acknowledging the experience are two different feelings.

1. You go thru the fear of approaching it

2. You go into denial that you really have reached this age.

3. You begin to change everything in your life

4. Even if you accept it or not the experiences begin to happen

You really are in the middle of your life. Aging parents whom you thought would never look, act or be any different from what you knew as a child start to change and become vulnerable right in front of your eyes. One day they seem fine and outspoken as ever and the next your looking into the faces of people with ailments and medical charts and more needs than you can handle.

The next experience seems to be that you begin to envision your own mortality. Not something that crossed my mind until my mid forties and realization set in that I was becoming one of the older generation. The selling of my original home that always housed my parents and all my first experiences of life was quite an ordeal. The emotions of letting go are quite vast when you realize you no longer have that physical connection to return to. You are the connection.

The flip side of that middle age is looking at your children that are now adults. Fitting into their lives is another challenge. You don’t want them to go through the same hardships as you but you also have to let them learn and find their own paths in life. You need to remember that even if you don’t think so, there is a generation gap. They’re doing things their way and you know they need but definitely do not always want your opinion or comments. You find you just agree to keep the harmony and just keep reassuring them of how proud you are of who they’ve become.

So you see, you are middle age and haven’t the foggiest idea of what to do next! You realize that now that all those trips or vacations you thought you would always have time for seem more of a chore than a pleasurable opportunity. Your priority list needs to be updated. The time is passing and if you blink, it may no longer be available to you or you may feel to stiff and out of shape to do the most with such valuable time.

It’s time to make a few decisions with yourself in mind. What do you want in your life? Where are your finances at this point in time? Is it time to downsize, remodel or sell? Is it time to bring out those dusty goals and dreams you put away for the future? The future has arrived. Is it time for a makeover of mind, body and homestead?

Just know for sure that you are not alone. Many aging baby boomers exist out there and have as many questions as you. It’s time to build a boomer sitemap of your own and step into the next phase of your life.Enjoy!

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